53% of Americans Want Inflation Relief; 25% Don’t. Why The Discrepancy?

According to a new poll from GOBankingRates, which received over 2,500 responses, 53% of respondents say they personally need more inflation relief in 2023; 12% said that others need it; 25% said that they are not in favor of more inflation relief in 2023 and 10% said that they are not sure.

The poll breaks goes further: 77% of women are in favor of inflation relief this year, with 67% saying they need it, and just 13% of women say they are against more inflation relief. As for men, 52% are in favor of inflation relief, with 37% saying they need it. Thirty-eight percent of men say they are against inflation relief in 2023.

Why are so many people in favor of inflation relief and why are so many people against it?

Inflation relief has come from the federal reserve aggressively raising interest rates. Raising interest rates has caused the stock market to decrease in value because when interest rates go up by over 100% over the course of about a year it decreases the values of companies throughout the world.

Without knowing more about the Data from the information here it is most likely in my opinion that the people who own investments would like to have the federal reserve calm down so that the markets can stabilize. 

People who don’t invest their money for the future are the ones who are ultimately going to be hurt the most because, in an inflationary environment, you need to own real assets such as real estate investments, etc.

So the discrepancy is probably coming from people who are investing for the future versus people who are not investing for the future but this is all just speculation. 

And why the discrepancy between the sexes? 

As we know there’s been a hot topic of women in the same position as men in the professional world not earning the same amount of wages. Also in a “traditional“ household typically the mother of a family with children is the one who’s on the ground purchasing the items For the family.

So, whoever (regardless of gender) is doing most of the shopping whether male or female is seeing an increase in prices at stores.

Thus with the pullback of investments compounded by the increase in prices Americans who are invested or not invested for their futures are feeling the pain right now.

Moving forward it seems that prices are starting to come down in terms of rent and real estate prices so it’s just a matter of time before things start to come back in balance in America’s economy can begin to flourish once again. 

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Joshua Krafchick, the “Unconventional Money Guy”

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